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Osaka Research Foundation for Regional Development


Establishment June 1981
Address 1-2-10, Otedori, Chuo-ku, Osaka City.
TEL 06-6944-1173 / FAX 06-6946-9120
URL: http://www.daichishin.org
Basic fund 26 million yen
Objectives To work with the public, the economic community, governments, local governments, and academics to study and make recommendations for urban issues and regional development policies of Japan and the world.
To contribute to the growth of Osaka and the Kansai region, and the improvement of life and welfare of its citizens by publicizing the achievements to relevant parties and citizens.
Competent government agency Osaka Prefecture (changed from an incorporated foundation to a general incorporated foundation as of April 1, 2012.)
Representative Takemasa Ishihara, chairman (professor emeritus, Osaka City University)
Organization’s development The foundation was established in 1981 by the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It primarily studied and made recommendations for policies relating to the retail trade, in 1992, it expanded the sphere of activity to include urban policies, industrial policies, arts and culture, as it became a private research organization. And it is up to today.
Business outline Ⅰ Research
【Shopping Town Study Group】(Urban design&Commerce studies)
The study group that has been in place since the foundation’s establishment studies and makes recommendations for the whole concept of city and commerce, in collaboration with experts from multiple spheres, by perceiving the retail trade from various dimensions.

【Theme studies】
Special studies are conducted on a variety of themes relating to the latest urban policies. Research and recommendations are made on global tourism, urban improvement techniques, a city of healthcare, and a city of arts and culture. Other relevant commissioned studies that contribute to the foundation’s objectives.

Ⅱ Education and publicity
Hold seminars, lectures and courses on themes that meet the needs of the times to publicize the research activities of the foundation.
【Publication of magazines】
Publication of the magazine “Yu” which introduces the activities of the foundation, interviews with key persons from a variety of spheres, contributions, and the foundation chairman’s articles, and other relevant books. Dispatch of information through the web.

Ⅲ Rekiyukai(Cross-industry exchange meeting for Innovation)
A liberal association comprising of public and private organization planners, creators, and scientists.

Ⅳ UEMACHIDAICHI Project(Plateau area of Osaka city)
(a collaborative project with other organizations with fixed donations.)
【ArtSalon@Teramachi, Hamburg/Osaka 30th Anniversary Project, A Study on the Roads Prince Shotoku Traveled, etc.】
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